19 March 2013

Drift Of Signifieds

This is a woozy, slurred, drugged up/out slice of unsettling gothic dub ( I reject the hauntological tag; it's haunting, yes). I like the way it seems to slow down the more you listen to it (maybe it does), like someone ever-so-slowly lapsing into a coma (maybe it is). Reminds me a bit of that David Tibet / Steven Stapleton thing where =wheezy hospital sounds sort of ache against the song, rubbing its bones. The video reminds me of a collapse of the William Hartnell / Tom Baker Doctor Who credits too, which is absolutely right.

Drift Of Signifieds

The Drift of Signifieds remix of the IX Tab track In The Blake Midwinter is here (it's quiet, but it's good)

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