31 October 2011

IX Tab - The Humchatter EP

Well, I threatened....

Here are the first churnings from my recently reanimated (after - yes! - 23 years) project IX Tab (Originally Dada IX Tab, but that was a duo)...

I've been trying to capture the humchatter sound that followed me around during the vaguely hallucinatory years of minor psilocybin abuse (wrong word) - a sound documented way back here - and now I've found it... more or less.

This will be exactly as some of you expect it to be.

Humchatter 1 is the slowburn, the humchatter itself, more or less rawformed. It's subtitled ...in 1975, since this is the year of broken magic, of no dreams. There'll be a vocal version soon.

Humchatter 2 is shorter and sillier, with added gulps. It samples a dead, much missed, friend, speaking from his new whirleds

Humchatter 3 also samples that friend, alongside other living souls plus the dead-eyed acoustic guitar playing of someone who crept into my room at night.

Humchatter 4 is missing, presumed.

Humchatter 5 is the pop song. The runt of the (g)litter. The lost rave classic that's not lost and not rave.

None of this is thought out. Consider it a midlife crisis of sorts, with tuned bells on. It was put together on a train through the harte of the wude. First takes, no edits, nothing wasted. Not even time.

Yeah, they're all gonna have that humchatter.


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