01 February 2011

Richard Youngs

Listening a lot to Richard Youngs at the moment; he captures the cold perfectly.

Other than a Wire article a few years back and some end of year placings for The Naive Shaman, he doesn't seem to feature on the radar much, or else drops off, or else slides off, becomes deliberately invisible and revels in sunburned and ridiculous wealth ("Richard Youngs, you say? Oh Aye; you'll find him at the edge of the Loch, painting the fish with gold leaf and making little paper boats out of money...") and really doesn't want to be seen*.

Maybe the music is a byline/byproduct of his work as a Copper Magnate, Blood Diamond Seller? Maybe he's not even one person, the releases lurch sideways - he might be a fiction suit, for all I know... a collective noun for hundreds of struggling guitar-pickers...

Whatever, he's a mostly genius, I think.

*just finished reading Christopher Priest's The Glamour


Bobby's Dream said...

When I hear this it makes my innards vibrate in divine way. When my children hear it they just hear the whining of a man who can't sing. Young people today!

Loki said...

I played this track to some of my students last year and some of them 'got' it. Most thought it was rubbish but a few saw though the cracks... I was surprised that any of them liked it, actually.

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