06 February 2011

Led Er Est

Led Er Est - PS 18 (Mannequin MNQ 012 split Ancien Régime)

It's getting harder to distinguish the original early 80s synth poppers from the newbies; the odd fatter drum, slightly elongated synth-tail, a micro-squelsh off centre...and now the old synthwavers are getting reissued (I'm assuming blogs like >Mutant Sounds< are generally responsible - wonder if any credit gets shoved their way?) it's gonna get even more messy:

"Is this new? Don't look like that...New new, I mean... i can see it's still in the packaging but... No, I know it's Futurist but... For fuck's sake: I'm just asking if the band are around now... Yeah... No, not reformed, actually around... it's a simple enough question... I mean is it Retro? I mean... Eh? Don't fucking raise your eyebrows to me... I know it's Futurist, but that isn't what I was asking..."

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