03 February 2011

How To Dive Well

How To Dress Well : "Suicide Dream 1"

I've been undecided about How To Dress Well, but this little mindmeld of vision and music has a definite grace... it's maybe a bit (i.e. less than a tad) literal, given the watery nature of How To Dress Well's music, but I think it's somehow better for it...

...and it feels heartfelt; you get the sense that Tom Krell is influenced by his, er, influences at a very deep level; this isn't appropriation or casual sideways-glancing irony, the R&B flicks (not really evident here) are from someone who really felt their pull and is perhaps due to be a dominant strain in a long line of 'indie' (shudder along with me) artists influenced less by The Velvet Underground, Can, Stooges axis than by the half-heard glitches, tics and tickles of prime-Beef Timbaland and Blackout era Britney...

There's a mix by Tom via The Wire:

How To Dress Well Mix

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