16 July 2010


Listening to Gentleforce - Learning To Forgive

There's something understated and creepy about this. Music on top, of course, but also between the lines. Not paid that much attention to this before but on headphones there's little slivers of melody and, well, insinuation. It's kind of anti-minimalism, maybe minimalism+

Must check out more of this; it's getting to be that there's too much music out there that is happy to be just surface.

Hope this track isn't a happy accident.

(NOTE: just noticed that Kek has already gotten here before me, lil' bugger that he is... and it seems like it's not a happy accident)

(NOTE+ and I just went over to the Gentleforce site and it seems like Ekoplekz is somehow involved as well, or at least lurking in the sidebars)

(NOTE++ So I guess that somewhere down the line this might not exactly be my discovery...)

For those MP3 diggers amongst you, there's a track here, courtesy of Who The Hell.

And I guess Feral Media and New Weird Australia ought to get a mention.

Finally, enough digging for now, there's a mix here, which features (is by?) Gentleforce alongside his influences...

I've just bought the CD, I think maybe some of you ought to, too... there's little stuff around out there that gets me; hope it's not the hallucinatory power of the 8.36 to Bridgwater...

From The Wytch Machine (and latterly via other, less mangled, devices)

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