08 March 2010

The Sunday Times

Well, my wife wanted the engorged Sunday Times Style Magazine so I bought this on and was amazed (okay maybe not amazed, maybe slightly startled) to see White Hills and The Advisory Circle with full album reviews in The Culture.

The new White Hills sounds pretty good. I loved Glitter Glamour Atrocity and then sort of stopped following them. I think I'll start again now, work my way backwards...

NOTE: a quick google image search for the cover of Glitter Glamour Atrocity and the first thing that pops up is, our friend and yours, Cloudboy, with a review from the heady days of 2008... the internet is a lot smaller than it seems sometimes...

And Stewart Lee bangs the problem with The Advisory Circle right on the head:

"Is there a word for an album that you know is excellent, but that you really don’t want to listen to?"
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