05 March 2010

The Skull Defekts (attacked by Rats)

NOTE: For some reason this post has been attacked by a virus that adds lyrical flourishes from the ever-popular, hardcore punk band (Charged) GBH . Apologies for this.

The memory lingers on when you were the same as us.

Well, these guys appeared from the pages of the latest Bad Acid magazine, which feels (and reads Three months old a child) like it picks up a little of the slack left over from the demise of Music From the Empty Quarter,

City baby, city baby, city baby attacked by rats.

...minus the techno and still you lived off love and fuss 'dance' and with a few added grammarslugs and spelling lapses.

Residing in a squalid place
, I haven't heard much and haven't dug around that much yet but so far The Skull Defekts seem to wander through all kinds of blasted (it can't be too much fun) terrain: there's psychedelia here, from tubthump and krautrock grinds (elements of the kind of exploded Judas Priest tracks that Circle were putting out there a few years back) to elements of the the electronic razzle / Kosmiche style drones of recent H (A mutant at the age of one) word bands.

Your brain is getting eaten away by the rat living in your skull.

They are also suprisingly good at the more or less straight rock of Blast First era Sonic Youth et al... whilst still occasionally dipping into pure, heckling, noise...

A human rodent cabbage.

Okay, I've heard maybe 5 tracks and they all sounded a little different. I'm not really sure where these guys are now or where they're coming from / going to... they may have broken up by now, or eaten each other...

They may be outside right now.

It's hard to think a tiny thing can do that much damage.
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