11 March 2010


Well, expect a full review a little later when I've digested and molested but for now I'd just like to say a massive thank you for letting this little fellah drop // through my door /into my pigeon hole/ :

Actually, while I'm hear/here and it's actually ON...

I'l just say that so far (I'm 3 tracks down; not listening in order, nowhere near - I'm sensing this can be double-dipped) I've heard:

1) the Chris Carter end of TG, the stuff a little in awe of Disco but tangled up in wires...

2) a definite Cabaret Voltaire about the eyes of some of the tracks, bits of the live bass, bits of the way the drums seep into the sides of the tracks....

Clicktracking // Back and forth /

<<<<<>>>>>> (this as sound)

3) Dr Who soundtracks circa The Silurians / Sea Devils - episodes just a little before my time: John Pertwee? Nothing especially Delia'd so far but...

EDIT: I've just noticed there's a track called Malcolm Clarke (i wasn't referring to that one but he's in there, definitely) - this must be a freaky auto-suggestion or perhaps just a bit of subliminal reading... either way.... The Sea Devil's are ROCKING this place...

I'm 4 tracks, I'm 5...

4) An Anti-Group record that I swear I used to have but can now find no mention of anywhere*

*I know what you're thinking but you're wrong... it is out there....it's just slipped through... as all the other Anti-Group records were supposed to but never quite managed

5) It smells of a Copy Cat tape loop (you either know the smell or you don't, I'm nowehere near talented enough to even attempt a decent description) but I don't know if he's got one.

It's all <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< cheap as CHIPs (or as expensive as CHIPs once were).

Or maybe He's just reminded of those crusty old machines, of the little catches and loops,

There's lots of little drum machines through fuzz or wah (through both). There's

in there, I'd swear; a calculator wanting to play with the bigger boys...

6) At times, of Cosey Fanni Tutti's 'solo' track Hometime comes to mind. Not the voices, just the background ebbs and flows. They're following the same pace...

I'm 6ing and 7ing...

7) Nocturnal Emissions are in there, somewhere...

8) Screen Test, especially the bit where they showed award-winning kids animations about eating eyes.

9) The intro to B%^ B*@£ tracks before they get to the crappy bits.

10) What OMD thought they sounded like...

11) A TV show where giant chess pieces battle it out on a map-rendered 3D blanket, while Richard Stilgoe look-a-like competitors pick fights with glass-eyed child/snake hybrids...

12) The sound of Too Much Golden Nuggets**, of transistor radio music heard from inside concrete playing apparatus (tubes, coils, mounds)

**cereal sounds, a West Country Cluster...

13) Actually the Krautrocking Cluster isn't far off the mark... the shady bits of Harmonia...

Great stuff....

The Kek quote is priceless and very apposite.

Inspiring stuff from a guy let loose.

More later..


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We refer to it as "Analog Music from a Lost World" — previously unreleased post-punk experimental rock from 1981, unlike anything else recorded before or after.

Jason Sigal, Managing Director at WFMU said:
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