17 March 2010

Benders & Alveoli Inc.

Well, I wonder whether eBay'll eventually become a new trove of unspeakable treasures; the old synths seem to be going very cheaply these days, compared to a few years ago, but the modified, cyber-synths are still clinging on...

Like the added video, too... Maybe the future of all selling on eBay: "here's a video of me enjoying the Satin Chickens double 7" in the comfort of my own home. Please don't mind the mess, only my friends were staying over and some of them haven't got autistic spectrum disorders."

That was surely the future of music selling circa 2009/10? The niche, the personalised, the soup-chucked, egg-stained pre-release CD, with added polaroids of the tour bus?

Where next? I want DNA... I want a coughed-up bit of lung inbetween the covers. let's keep people going into record shops on the off-chance that a new bit of alveoli has crept onto the market alongside the re-born 12" ers.


Ben said...

What's the deal with that Satin Chickens double 7" anyway?

It's been lurking about at the back of my 7" boxes for years, and I still don't know anything about it, except that it's completely horrible.

Are there people out there who might want to buy it, for money?

Loki said...

heh; yeah it's a terrible thing...seduced many a collector down the years; i did manage to sell mine a few years back, but only for a spare fag at the bus stop...

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