05 June 2009

The Subways @ Bridgwater

Well, I need to revise my bitching about no one dancing at indie gigs... at The Subways in the legendary Palace nightclub in Bridgey everyone danced, kind of... the place just erupted, like irony never happened... about 50% of the people there knew every song (maybe they'd been cramming on Spotify) and belted out every word inbetween breathless oldschool moshing of the kind that lesioned your occipital lobes with enough accidental enthusiasm to trigger long-suppressed King Kurt fascinations...

Crowd surfing? Yep.
Stage diving? Of course.
Small girls being flung across the room like small dogs blown over walls by the wind? Plenty.

Maybe it's something in the water, down here in the hart of the wud, where the littl shining man lies...

Best fun I've had at a gig in ages. We'll see how The Mighty Diamonds compare in Exeter tonight....

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