02 June 2009

Fire Walk With Me

Tricky - Smoking Beagles

- forgot how much I loved this, the B-Side to the Tricky Kid single. Actually, I think PMT period Tricky is a lot better than I imagined at the time.

Tricky - Tricky Kid

Anyway, I watched Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me on ITV4 last night and the Roadhouse nightclub scene had subtitles, an additional which utterly wrecked the atmosphere of what has to be my favourite scene in any film....not being able to hear the dialogue gave a stuffed-ear, wasted authenticity that is just lost when you know what they're saying. Ridiculous.


Princess Sparkle Pony said...

The nightclub scene always had titles. It had titles when it played in the theater.

Loki said...

not when i saw it, it didn't... unless perhaps i couldn't read then...

Yano Solong: Reality Architect said...

I'm watching this scene now and I would really like to know what they're saying but my version is not subtitled in this scene. I agree with you that it is more authentic to not hear it, but I think the dialogue in this scene is both hilarious ("I am the Great Went") and it is another layer of symbolism to try and interpret.

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