27 April 2009

Soisong Tangles

I try to buy everything related to Coil / Christopherson / Gristle but 22 english pounds for an object that's more or less certain to annoy the fuck out of me?


Cloudboy said...

yep, i suspect the unsual shape of the disc had some bearing on the final price... but it's annoying when the musick you love becomes exclusive http://thresholdhouse.greedbag.com/release/~threshold-houseboys-choir-amulet/ ... i bet that new concert only disc from TG will be something like £25 a pop...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I killed my wallet on that one. I'm not joking either, I'm fucking broke for a week now :(

Nice blog, by the way.

Anonymous said...

true, but sooner or later there will be a free rip to download from somewhere. then one can burn it off and stuff into an old jewel case for convenience! ;)

Marcus said...

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