17 January 2008

Woofers, Tweeters, Raptures

Spent a good deal of last night puzzling over this key question / Spinal Tap conundrum: what do the numbers on a stereo volume button represent? My new stereo goes up to 30 (which is really loud) but I'm not sure what that means. It can't be some absolute measure of loudness - each number can't relate to a particular decibel level because even at the same number different CDs are louder or quieter, as always. So if there is no absolute relationship between the numbers on my stereo and actual loudness is there instead a relative relationship? Does 10 relate to 10 more than the original level on the CD?

I know, I know... but it's been a long week and the sad thing is someone out there will actually know the answer to this.

The first track I played? This one:

Shackleton - Blood on my hands (villalobos mix)

pilfered from here

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