16 January 2008

Twin Infinitives

Songs that come as twins. Both of these conceptually the same. Different spins on the same template. Both sluggish, Loploping, frazzled. The female voices running in, with and against the beats, the slurred delivery reflecting shellshocked Nicaraguans or drunken South Bank forays. Villalobos and Coil stretching parameters and humanising music that can be unsettlingly alien (Coil generally masquerading as black elves, Villalobos letting a robotic sheen drift over him). Actually, that's not quite true. These tracks take care to humanise music that is already human - neither of these artists ever fully embrace(d) the machine-ethic of techno, there's always a radical, spinning, error-strewn basis to their music and these tracks simply emphasise this to people who don't listen too hard.

Coil - Things Happen

A Yousendit shellshocker

Ricardo Villalobos + Andrew Gillings - Andruic and Japan

A zShare gurning

In case you were wondering.

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