04 September 2007

Buzz Or Howl

Very occasionally, I dream a band into existence, or at least that's how it seems. It happened before with ........................ (brain collapsed, memory failing daily) and now it's happened again. I woke up having seen (I supposed) an imaginary band called Buzz or Howl playing in a kind of 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me' (cf Tricky and Sub Sub's 'smoking beagles' - which might be sleaze encapsulated in 12" form) nightclub somewhere in the woods outside Montacute. The same Montacute that once drew werewolves and finnish kraut metal bands. The same Montacute through the same gauze of dreamsleep, mushrooms and petrol fumes.

I hear Montacute is actually a lovely place to live. Lots of retired Colonels and kindly Aunts who bake cookies for the children and explode crows with yeast and rainwater.

The band on he dream stage played nicotine bloodflow slow electro-acoustic dirges, similar to a beardier, wiggier Matt Valentine with perhaps the barest hint of ZZ Top about the eyes... It went on and on, with various munkins and munties sliding in and out of focus on the dancefloor making odd sigilistic gestures with their hands and talking about fast-track A Level provision.
And then I did a quick google and there they are, more or less as I imagined, at least from the descriptions. Maybe someone out there had blogged them before (Kek? Cloudboy?) and somehow the name had slipped underneath my consciousness. They mention Acid Mothers, Tony Conrad, High Rise, John Fahey etc but I haven't really heard anything from them yet - here's the free mp3 from their site, a 7 min slice of improvisional live performance:

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eric said...

write me at eric@lotushouse.com and i'll send you the new buzz or howl

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