05 January 2007

White Hospital

2007 will not be about posting whole albums of obscure 80s Japanese Industrial bands (i think this is their only release) but I've been looking for this ever since a friend claimed it was cursed (something about a bottle of milk that went sour, a bicycle that fell apart, a boil that grew into a How To Ahead In Advertising head) and that he'd written to Jun Konagaya telling him this only to get a letter in reply that contained a chicken foot wrapped in wire as a reply. Almost certainly a lie but one which kept me curious for almost twenty years. Still, the album's pretty good - not as noisy as you might expect (well, some of it is as noisy as you'd expect) and the quieter tracks dripfeed their way into your skull like a soft self-trepanation.

Fun for all the family on these Winter evenings...
White Hospital - Holocaust

Stolen recklessly from the hardcore fanboy circuit here.

Thanks er Killslug...

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