11 January 2007

Matinee Orchestra

Recently found myself beguiled by the simple yet dense (see that synonym/antonym switch I did there?) twinklings of the Matinee Orchestra album... it's sort of Finnish freak folk (Lau Nau, Kemilialliset Ystavat) swept through an English Country house full of C86 time-disturbed indie-pop squeezeboys or like someone's tried to recreate the sound that Mellow Birds coffee makes as it mixes with ketamine and hydrochloric acid as part of the three month preparation cycle of what used to be called in these parts an "Egg Nog Vietnamese Sandwich", a drink so far only knowingly consumed by people with 'The Head' appended to their forenames and yet mythologised as an ultimate high in school-lockers and treehouses throughout the west. It's also ridiculously happy and Christmassy in a Sufjan Stevens kind of way, which makes me not just behind the times but also a spastic-in-season.

Still, here's the long un':

Matinee Orchestra - It's a Fantasy World...

A Yousendit Blinkathonic Phonograph

Buy it here, it's like less than 8 english pounds...

1 comment:

mirtamirta said...

hi loki, thaks for your words. i think i saw sometime this blog but i can't remember when...anyway i like it so much. and matinee orchestra too :)

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