22 August 2006

All that jazz


This blog's crap, let's slash the seats. Or better still, upload jazz MP3s on a daily basis until somebody posts something interesting. C'mon guys, I'm retired now...I just wanna chill out and read a bunch of daft musings on life 'n shit, with a few spuriously linked tunes tacked-on the end. C'mon, amuse me!!

In the meantime, here's Alice Coltrane with the title track from "Journey In Satchidananda", which was recorded at the Coltrane Studio, New York on November 8th 1970. Pharoah Sanders is guest saxophone player, whilst the trippy eastern flava comes from tamboura player Tulsi. The session was engineered by the wonderfully-named Roy Musgnug.

I'm no jazz expert, but I like certain things when I'm in the mood. I have nothing else to say about this piece of music, other than: if you dig it, you can buy the CD for a very reasonable price over at Amazon.

More jazz tomorrow, unless Loki, Cloud Boy etc, pull their socks up...


kek-w said...

"C'mon guys, I'm retired now..."

Yeah, riiiight...A fiver says that Nick will restart Gutterbreakz (rebranded or otherwise) by early October at the latest...

droid said...

Thats a fantastic tune. Good choice

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