21 July 2006

2 For Today

2 new mp3 faves - OpiumBen and Modyfier, who are also new collaborators on Tuche And Automaton 2

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doppelganger said...

Very clearly defined individual styles to both of those blogs!

Nice purity of focus - As opposed to the eclectic 'any old shite that grabs our attention' approach we all adopt. (Unless you were developing a theme and I missed it? .... it's happened to me on numerous occasions in a variety of media...)

Not like you to do a straightforward links post though....

The two versions of T&A are interesting aren't they? It's like a nature / nurture Cyril Burt study on the blogosphere....

Will they be reunited in some distant future, only to find they've both given their dogs the same name?

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