24 June 2006

Emiliana Torrini Warms Old Woman Shock

Carrying my bike across the dreaded Black Bridge I was stopped by an old woman who asked what I was listening to. She didn't seem extraodinarily diseased (no visible signs of Monkton Earmites or Jaundice or Necrotic Fascistus) so I let her listen:

Emiliana Torrini - Sunny Road

"It's nice to know it's not all bang bang bang," she said, chuckling to herself and breeething through her teeth.

I just practised smiling and blinking. She crossed the bridge and went on her way, still chuckling.

I wondered briefly what she would look like cut up into tiny pieces and stuffed into a Waitrose bag but it passed and I got back on my bike and went to work.

The next track was

Swans - Let It Come Down

which might have caused less of a chuckle, if only because she probably wasn't at Reading circa 1989 to see Michael Gira playing this as the heaven's opened - still my favourite gig moment ever.

Thanks to Uncarved an old lady is a happy bunny and Emiliana Torrini will be one CD sale richer. I might start doing this more often, stopping old people on the street and letting them listen, maybe buy an ice-cream van.

They're both Yousendit Gerontophiliacs


Molly Bloom said...

I like the image I have of the old lady in my head. I'm gonna keep that there for a while. And you've put the mighty, mighty Swans up. Top marks!

weirdpixie said...

yay Swans. I haven't had a listen in a long while....


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