22 May 2006

Memories are made of this

Loki's recent post about King Mong's near-legendary 1989 Yeovil concert omitted a vital element. He has probably forgotten that on departing Swansea in 1993 I liberated some artefacts from our dwelling ( vividly seen in an earlier post), including Psychic TV tapes and a gold angel's head.

Amongst these forgotten treasures was a strange electronic fleshy mantra of a piece , which I couldn't identify at the time.......obscure Coil b-side ? Something umpleasant on the Artificial Intelligence series ? It was a mystery , but not a very interesting one , so I threw the tape back into the wicker hamper and forgot all about it.

Until now.....it is clear that the piece is a companion , development or precursor to the live recording Loki posted , and I am thrilled to have discovered it. Unfortunately , it doesn't seem to
contain much of the King's pre-coital death rattle vocals , but someone's having a lot of fun with a reverb unit , some crap synths and the results are....interesting. Loki will have to fill in the details , but at the moment the track can be found here....... http://tagworld.com/kempernorton23

...when I work out the technology I'll provide a download link.

1 comment:

Loki said...

excellent stuff! just the wrong side of the oft-straddled idiot/genius line.. really enjoying moonhowlers as well at the moment... happier than a truck full of inbreds... you really got to Yousendit some of those tracks so I can download them..

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