26 May 2006

The City Smeared

Only heard a few tracks by Bronnt Industries Kapital but Maggots In The Rice is like a Victorian flipside to the much-discussed Burial album.

Bronnt Industries Kapital - Maggots In the Rice

A Yousendit hauntologican-can

While the Burial album seems to play with the city in the same blurred way that Tricky's Pre Millenium Tension attempted ten years too early

((((I was listening to this album again this morning and if you strip away Tricky and Martina, or rather condense them to half-heard snatches, then you've got a tiny little dubstep masterpiece right there, right down to the Ghetto Youth mumbles and the deliberately overused reverberations. I mean, the Burial album is good but I'm yet to see how it's definitively urban))))

Bronnt Industries Kapital seem to mine the Bristol of the Slave Trade: you can hear corpses being dragged around the docks, stumbling drunks breathing smoke in and rum out, top-hatted magicians divining the future in animals entrails on upturned whisky cases.

And some of the tracks remind me of classic early 70s shoutathon creepout The Stone Tape which I watched yesterday - these sounds could easily be dragged out the walls. They seem very heavy with context, overburdened somehow.

Watching the The Stone Tape got me listening to the Burial album again (which seems like a 21st century analogue: the still-life of the city smeared onto CD) which sent me back to the Tricky album which made me seek out the Bronnt Industries Kapital tracks that I'd heard and not really paid that much attention to.

Most of the music that tries to sound like this is awful, trite and portentous (it used to be given away by Music From The Empty Quarter magazine) but Bronnt Industries Kapital have a lightness of touch that opens out the genre and lets in just enough light to make out what's going on while still leaving things open to interpretation.

Bronnt Industries Kapital - Rats In The Walls

A Yousendit JaneAsherthon

Oh, and a big thanks to Spoilt Victorian Child for heading me towards these guys in the first place.


rich said...

Hey, thanks for hipping me to Bronnt Industries Kapital! On a similar eerie note check my Teja Schmitz post here

Loki said...

cheers, this stuff looks excellent..I'll make sure you get a blogroll pic the next time I edit the roll.. good luck with it... and send a note to Woebot, looks like his kinda thing...

kek-w said...

Yeah, Woebot loves his NDW

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