28 May 2006

Animal Man

"oh animal man, you're sooooo rough and so biiig..." all this and more on the loving room floor...

Kim Fowley's a genius combination of Pete and Sezer (Charlie Brooker's description in the Guardian is itself a small piece of wonder: pixel-eyed, priapic, hair gelled rodent) from Big Brother with a hefty dose of 'studio sand' period Brian Wilson, Telstar/ Maggie Thatcher fanbird Joe Meek and three scoops of the guy in North Petherton who keeps getting himself stuck in the baby swings and needs to be helped out by his Social Worker (who is beginning to get forearms like Popeye).

Animal Man is my favourite Kim Fowley track but I've only heard nine. He's one of those artists that I'll never buy, not because I disrespect his music or don't feel it's worth it but because somehow it seems like the kind of music that really ought to be found under something, or thrown violently from a bus full of retards, or regurgitated by a choking gorilla, or slipped innocently onto an earnest mixtape of urban noir, or passed secretly during a slow moment at an orgy or... well you can see where I'm going with this.

You on the other hand should buy everything and feel glad to have tapped into the old boot's mentasms.

Kim Fowley - Animal Man

A Yousendit Beautiful Agonising

Many thanks to Kek for inspiring this post.

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kek-w said...

My pleasure!

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