27 April 2006

Beetle Crawls Across My Back

This track comes from 50 Years Of Sunshine a compilation album from years ago that I keep meaning to search out someday but for some reason always imagine will be utterly dull and noodly and Ross From Friends and will miss the point so badly that it'll perhaps make me feel ill, or curdle my insides like 7 hertz or otherwise cause me mentasms that I won't be able to stand.

I saw it once in a Record And Tape Exchange for about £10 but I didn't buy it because the guy serving at the time had hair which reminded me of the guy in Ashford and Simpson and I was kinda anti that kind of hair at the time because someone with very similar hair had fucked me over about buying my drum machine and, as a Scorpio, (vengeful, misguided) I'd kinda gotten him arrested for drug dealing (in a scene very suspiciously reminiscent of a scene from True Romance) and was feeling guilty about it because it seemed likely that he was going to have to go to prison to rot and wrack and rail.

Seeing a guy with the same hair was one Psychoanalytic Trump too far and I was too young back then to start pushing those boundaries.

If the rest of the album is as disorientatingly creepy as this then maybe it's still worth digging up but I'm guessing it's not.

Nurse With Wound - Beetle Crawls Across My Back

A Yousendit Tromboneathon

You'll like this if you're the kind of person who lies in bed at night waiting for a paid boy to whisper dense dermatological science into your ears as you hypnagogically drift.


Cloudboy said...

oh i just luv this remix of black mother mountain - ranks up there with the likes of cooloorta moon

Chicken Soup said...

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