03 January 2006

More Relatives...

This is a retarded country version of a motivational track that appeared like a munkin wraith on Festival Radio back when I lived in Brighton and before I realised that sleep was the enemy (and thus worried obsessively about staying up til the early hours listening to stuff like this). It came sandwiched between Nurse With Wound and David Tudor if I remember rightly, though there's no reason to think this.

Porter Wagoner - What Would You Do (If Jesus Came To Your House)?

found via On The Flipside

Otherwise, lots of juicy Psych and Can rarities can be found here or you could go here to marvel at all those lovely banned record sleeves or else just go to the always brilliant here and download all of these - listen to them all in one go and feel your head expanding and contracting like the Scanners have zeroed you then go out and shoot someone in the name of Jesus* or something.

I especially love Victor Lundberg's - Open Letter To My Teenage Son....

*An Idiot's Guide To Dreaming does not hold itself responsible for shooting anyone in the name of Jesus or any other Messiah / TV Celebrity. An Idiot's Guide To Dreaming is well-known for it's irony and this is an example of it.**

**Just to be clear, the example of irony was regarding the original bit about shooting in the name of Jesus not the later qualifying addition***

*** Just to be really clear, shooting anyone is bad m'kay?****

****Except of course in self-defence and if there is no other option, for example I would feel bad if you failed to protect the lives of your friends/families just because of the previous admonishment about shooting people being inherently bad

The New Year Is Already Crap.

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