02 January 2006

The Line of Wounds

2006 is gonna be all about digging.

Recently uncovered (where and when remain suitably mysterious - I think the guy who wrote the press release was having a hard time finding a decent rhyme for 'sofa') and due to be released in 2006 on Evil Eye(I'm hoping for blue vinyl but it'll be one of those nasty 3" Cds, I expect):

The Shi Hea Sec Tryps - The Line of Wounds

2 tracks, both just under 7 minutes long. I'm not sure about the significance of 6'33 but if there are any numerologists out there....

"Track From Under The Floor" sounds like a man falling down stairs with several SH101s elephant-taped to his arms - it's a little like an aural version of that scene in Koyaanisqatsi where a bit of a satellite or something is falling to the ground...

But it's "The Line of Wounds" that's of most interest here. We all know the beginning from appearances of Elephant Table compilations: just fairly straightforward re-tread of the original samples, though this time the Russian guys have odd English translations whispered over (under?) their accounts to unnerving effect - "Second wound is located at the edge of reason, or just beyond the eye..."

The music though is very different... replacing the old synths loops and tape noise is a sorta, well, garage band structure, not entirely dissimilar to The Strokes or something and it takes a while before you realise that it's not guitars, bass, drums and vocals you're hearing but bonesaws, defibrillators, Dieffenbach operating knives, tracheal busts, arterial fizz, cervical brushes, brain clip forceps and traction tongs...

The effect is not unlike being kicked unconscious by Miffy (imagine the left ankle as a pivot around which the body spins like a home-made sprinkler).

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