09 August 2005

Sigils + The King in Yellow

Went to Glastonbury today, second-hand bookshopping and wandering around on the Tor - earlier I performed some sigilistic magick of my own invention (nothing onanistical, can't afford the dry cleaning) in order to find two books I've been looking for:

The King In Yellow by Robert W. Chambers
Lost Worlds Volume 1 by Clark Ashton Smith


1) Iwantobuyhekgldsrvm 1! + some obscure sifting ritual and Holy Guardian Angel ruckus
2) Io Pan! + some stair climbing
3) Iwantobuyhekgldsrvm 1! + some 'dragon breathing' and some rather indiscriminate mandala fixes
4) Io Tsathoggua! + some astral tea-making


And then, second shop I went in, I found The King in Yellow and Lost Worlds Volume 2.

2! I must've got my fucken' Enochian wrong again...

Lousy luck eh? So near yet so far. I was in a grump the rest of the day.

At some level I think I always knew this sigil thing was just a bunch of crap.


dweller said...

I bought The King In Yellow and Other Horror Stories at one of my favourite second hand book sales in London. A US copy published by Dover, the cover is extremely sinister a blurry orange phot of a man staring ahead only his eye is in focus. It has beautiful Futura Font writing,
I'd never heard of it, but I just had to buy it. The yellow sign indeed.

Anonymous said...

My copy of The King In Yellow (also the U.S. Dover edition) a huge influence in my formative years. Along with a splendid Dover collection of Ambrose Bierce stories (which includes "An Inhabitant of Carcosa," very similar in tone to the Chambers' stories) and "The Monkey's Paw," this was the fiction that defined horror for me. Great stuff.
The King In Yellow is available, btw, on the project gutenburg site.

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