08 August 2005

Angels Are Dreaming Of You

A kid at school used to keep things in his mouth. Different thing each day; you know how it is.

Could be a Max Headroom pencil top or a piece of bark or a Thin Lizzy spangly badge from the Post Office. It was his gimmick, his way to get noticed, his way to keep his inner and outer life separate.

Other kids would have to guess what was in there and he'd just make kinda flapping noises that gradually came to mean, through some complex cryptography, 'warm' or 'cold' or whatever.

It was normally temperature based and rarely spatial. From the way he ran you could tell that hand-eye coordination was never gonna be his thing.

One day he brought in a tiny octopus, maybe a baby, certainly very small. I don't know how long it was in there but no one quessed what it was.

The closest anyone got was frog but he rarely repeated himself.

Much later I saw him in The Studios nightclub in Yeovil. He worked in an old people's home now and could juggle quite well.

He said he liked Sonic Youth and we both agreed that 'Sister' was a fantastic album.

"Angels are dream-ing of you," he sang as I shuffled nervously. He wasn't the kind of person I wanted to be seen with.

Then he asked me if I had the Peel session where Sonic Youth did all the Fall songs. He had a C60 with it all on, plus a bit of Peel talking.

I didn't have it then but I do now and it's fantastic, especially My New House.

Sister is still a fantastic album too though whenever I listen to it I can't get this awful smell out of my mouth.

Peel Sessions: Sonic Youth Play The Fall

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dweller said...

I was just thinking of sister the other day. Great album, I heard PCH on the peel show and then on a wander around the virgin mega store, a pal of mine stole the cassette for me. Somehow the gold print all over the paper insert had this very distinctive smell, I later bought the cd version, it too had this lovely print smell.
I remember hearing the peel session of sy covering the fall. It was released as a vinyl bootleg 4 Tonna Brix with a photo cover from that Birds of Britain fashion book from the 60s. The same book The Smiths nabbed their cover for their live album Rank...
and so on....

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