21 June 2005

Club Foot Cabaret

Not even heard this yet but it sounded interesting so this is a reminder to my non working self to dip in when I get the time... it comes via the soft abusers.

Felipe and Forte - Serafoam

They talk of

"The union of man-made and machine-based sounds creates a truly fucked, purely psychedelic atmosphere of sonic scrawl and blistering fuzz. It's equal parts Oval, Boredoms, Alvin Lucier and Excepter."

which is more or less how I described the Bridgwater band Club Foot Cabaret when they played at The Second Annual Charlottes, Harlots and Car-Lots Free Festival as part of the SCMG raplets. That Club Foot lead eclectric banjo player Damien Dempsey left the band, disgusted with my critique (he spent a few hapless hours mouthing wordless obscenities through the gap between our front door and frame) only serves to feed my ego.

And while I'm on a banjo theme I guess it's only right to start plugging the Jewelled Antlerites:

The Skygreen Leopards - The Heron

Who sound nothing like Club Foot Cabaret but takes the Jewelled Antler abstract folk dynamics and pens it in slightly, like a fire-filled balloon pinned to the floor with silk thread and entrails.

Well, a little bit like that.

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