22 June 2005


Two songs I've mentioned in here but never got around to posting:


Caribou - Barnowl
gives us the missing link between Can and My Bloody Valentine. Lots of people have looked for this link before but it's proved strangely elusive until now. The musical equivalent of the head thumping baker who didn't invent sliced bread.


Four Tet - Smile Around Your Face
- a favourite in the Loki household and my favourite track off the album. Unremittingly jocular, slightly spazzy: lots of gloopy sounds, overactive cymbolic manipulations, musical static, deranged sucker plops and, as featured previously on An Idiot's Guide to Dreaming, a mad little green guy running round in the background with a gong. The Best Song Ever.

both via the hyperchannel of Insound

1 comment:

puffer said...

I won't tie up your bandwidth listening as I already have both albums, but great choices

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