17 May 2005

Bad Surfers, Down!

For reasons only able to be expressed in mime, I spent a significant part of today trying to work out the lyrics to The Butthole Surfers' Graveyard from Locust Abortion Technician. I didn't do very well; only got as far as "Here I am in the graveyard" but it gave me a beatific serenity that confused my immediate peers into thinking I'd contracted bird flu.

I also dimly remembered a Yeovil band called Backstreet Abortion Technicians (BAT) that passed around the entrails and alleyways back in the mid 80s. But that could have been a bad dream.

On the subject, an ex-member of much-discussed (well, here) diss - seminated Yeovil band King Mong contacted me by e-mail asking me to take down the demo track I put up a few posts back. Despite my claims to co-ownership (vigorously denied through the spectacular abuse of emoticons) Mr Mong insisted that any further tracks posted should be accompanied by a link to his Pay-Per-Play service.

Naturally, I've been desiring media whoredom for quite some time but this isn't quite what i meant so I replied that my head felt like a bucket of cumin and told him to sod off.

The emoticon that followed had to be breathed to be believed.

Here's The Buttholes doing what they do best.

The Butthole Surfers - Graveyard (live)


Psychbloke said...

So was it The King himself?

Loki said...

The King is dead both metaphorically and maybe literally. Last thing I heard he was working for a local sand-blasting business...

Anonymous said...

You lie in the graveyard
Well you're rotting away
When I talk to you daily
You`ve got nothing to say
You lie in the graveyard
Well you are down making plans
Well you control all my thoughts
Well you make dust fall

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