21 April 2005

The *Mersey* Goat Boys


Excerpt from the Micky Mantle's Gig Reports, Western Gazette Summer Fun Pull-Out August 17 1994 / The *Mersey* Goat Boys:

"...and then, of course, they landed in the stark landscape of Chilthorne Domer, peeled the lips from their teeth and started to play. Three minutes in, someone near the back of the crowd yelled out "Unleash the Kraken!" but by then the band were already off their stools and headlong into an acoustic guitar version of Meat Beat Manifesto's Acid Again, complete with makeshift thigh bone kazoos and a mumbling harelip of a backing singer who chanted the sample 'Freaked out on acid' over and over again, occasionally joined by an enthusiastic audience member who'd brought their own tablas.

The Goat Boys played everything except the songs we wanted: no Soldiering Irons tonight, no Pickwick Papers, no Drained By Dread Forces. Instead we got wave upon wave of incredibly dense micro-textures as the songs descended into a pit which we all knew some of the cider-pip sated, soon to be blind, crowd would never truly escape from. Some would be Barretted by the end of the evening, others ran for the bar as the twin drummers fought off the feral cats that some joker had thrown onto the stage and launched into a drum solo from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Chess..."

In memorium of T-Bone Buncey, lead singer of The *Mersey* Goat Boys, who died this week.

Acid Again (reconceptualisation by Adrian Cabassa and Wilie Lister)

Note for Goat Boys fans: sorry I couldn't find any Goat Boys tracks...don't worry though, I'll keep looking

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Booda said...

You need to imitate everything. Trust me.

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