23 April 2005

Hashisheen: The End of Law


The Grey Lodge is an often excellent repository of arcane information; audio lecturers and music on Multiple Universes, psychedelics, anarchism etc and it currently has, for a very limited time, the whole Hashisheen End of Law album available for download.

This was a Bill Laswell's stew of the myth, magic and metaphor surrounding the old Gysin/Burroughs Hassan I Sabbah / Old Man of the Mountain revolutionary archetype and features contributions from a cast including Laswell's usual cronies: Jah Wobble, Skopelitis etc plus Genesis P Orridge, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith (the PJ Harvey tribute act ;), Helios Creed (Chrome), Techno Animal, Eyeless in Gaza etc...

The experiment is not always successful, few escape the Laswell ambient sludge, but it is always interesting and serves as a good starting point for anyone interested in what William Burroughs was wittering about (plus all those sweaty boys that tried to link Hassan I Sabbah with Osama Bin Laden). Worth a few minutes of cultural blood sucking if only to confuse the local pot heads with tales of their revolutionary past:

"Yeah, I know now you're kinda incorporating the carpet and you've partially fused to the pillow with drool and Coco-Pops but you're nevertheless unconsciously part of a deep-set political anti-culture, a Jungian archetypal twist on Islamic mentalism and partially involved in the silent quest for the etymylogical roots of the word 'assassin'"

Here's a sample track:

The Western Lands - featuring Techno Animal and William Burroughs

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sauceruney said...

I have plenty more where that came from.

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