15 February 2005



Ugress are from Norway. They're pretty hard to pin down stylistically, mining a vaguely nostalgic seam of trip-hop / electronica, which sounds not unlike the kind of stuff I remember hearing in the early hours sessions of Brighton Festival Radio circa the early 90s - a station which seemed to see no reason not to play 'intelligent' techno alongside mentalistic gabba, trip hop, ad hoc NWW remixes, Jello Biafra spoken word albums and John Cage concertos for prepared hatstand and Native American.

A station peopled by people with no ostensible sense of purpose and the only radio station that remembered that the 3 AM brain can assimilate anything. As Lao Tzu says: "By dawnrise, everyone's the Borg and there's never enough lettuce for a salad."

So... Ugress.

David Holmes around the time he was slashing seats might be a decent enough start... Record and Tape Exchanges would probably insist on blunted beatz (did anywhere else use this?)... there's nothing wildly original here but Ugress force the pace nicely, dragging their samples behind them like defeated foes behind a wagon and the orchestral swells are in all the right places (i.e. on the side of the neck).

Cowboy Desperado

Monochromatic Planet


the X said...

-no! Loki! i must disagree...i'm from norway, and Ugress are among the most boring electronic acts we have around...they're still stuck in big-beat land...!!
-I'll be more than happy to burn you a comp of brilliant and ass-kicking underground stuff with much more interesting material...just ask,and i'll dig up what i have of white-labels and weird EPs and oddities...!!;)
//yours respectfully, -X

Loki said...

ha! excellent... X finding some shame in her countrypeople's Big Beats...

It was not intended as a state of the Norwegian Nation address... and I think I mentioned how remininiscent Ugress were...guess I'm just a sucker for nostalgia... next week: Bentley Rhythm Ace as post-Dada Duchamps!

...but obviously, in my lack of wisdom, I'd not only like an ass-kick compilation but perhaps need one to freshen my breath...

X, if you're out there, e-mail me at loki@moonshot1.fsnet.co.uk and I'll send you my address...

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