13 February 2005

100g Yangoon

Example 50g X 2 Yangoon. Taken as Tea.

"...understanding that some people are numerical and others are verbal, that this can change, that one will always be higher than the other, or appear to be because higher functioning is associated with different functioning and flexibility is associated with intelligence. Neither of these associations are necessarily true."

"...words can be nasty, can get behind your eyes"

"...silence is not golden, is full of deep thought which is really existential terror in disguise...music is required because to ignore the scene setting capabilities of sound is to expect white THX doom..."

"Kalma in Attention / Italian = Easy Tiger."

"Verbal people, who are dominated by words and language are necessarily more social than numerical people but they are also necessarily more of a pain in the arse..."

"You get elves...everybody does."

"Sleep is still the enemy but you should probably embrace your enemies..."

"...the word 'Matter' is the most important word in the English Language because it not only describes what everything might be but also why it might need to be... does it matter that we're taking these on a 'school night'? Perhaps..."

"children are Munties and we really should listen to them more because they have a better understanding of matter..."

"...money can be impossible to understand and probably needs to be misunderstood. Money is very probably an alien control virus."

"...'REDRUM' in The Shining represented murder in reverse and is therefore a good thing. Film needs to be re-evaluated."

You Get Elves, Everybody Does...

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