06 January 2005

Non / Boyd Rice


Boyd Rice is a difficult man to like. Last time he came round the house he insisted on demerara sugar and I have it on good authority (all authority is good) that he never washes behind his knees.

That said, he wears hats well.

Boyd's multi-groove, drill yer own holes Pagan Muzak 7" album remains one of the premier noise artefacts from the Industrial era - from this spawned all sorts of filth, most of it terrible, most of it missing the point.

Non's early Physical Evidence takes sound apart, it's like the Hyde to Philip Jeck(yll); impossible to listen to at anything less than immersive volume. I'm sure headphones don't work; the sound needs to be everywhere, needs to be vibrating the air.

It's not the kind of thing you listen to often. It's musical irrigation.

Sometimes, if you listen really carefully, you can hear the sound sources coming throught the walls: organ bursts, tiki lounge, surf music, porno soundtracks. You're never sure if any of these sounds are really there.

Has he always been following the Blood of Christ? On Embers that could almost be what you're hearing: a close-miked rush of blood to the head, the roar of white blood cells as they try to find the source of the wound.


If this doesn't jangle your pop-belt then I ought to tell you that Embers is one of early Non's more musical pieces.

One day he could be President.


Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you for a Boyd Rice post. I love this blog.

Anonymous said...

Disn't Tracy Twyman and company post some sort of ritual to the INternet a while back that was intended to kill Boyd Rice?

Loki said...

thanks for the kind words, anon. Haven't heard of the killing rite...an investigation by the Idiot Thought Police is underway...

the X said...

...Have you heard that kitschy compilation album he made recently, of perky 60's girl pop?-It was quite good,actually...(Apparently,he has a soft spot for the Partridge Family aswell! -Hard boys,fluffy pleasures,etc...!;)

Anonymous said...

Referenced here: http://www.newworlddisorder.ca/blog/2004_02_08_nwd-blog_archive.html

Linked from this sentence: And it looks like Boyd's involvement with Dagobert's Revenge is on the rocks.


Marc g said...

Why oh why have I not been keeping up with your blog? Boyd Rice, wow. You have to read this interview with him if you haven't yet. It covers an incident in which Bob Larson almost died at his apartment. That's what happens when you invite preachers over and leave loaded guns lying around...

Anonymous said...

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