02 January 2005

More Steinski!!

Bah. Not only does he throw a party and not invite me, but now Loki seems intent on moving in on my territory by writing about artists that I've been championing for some time (Marty Rev, Shitmat, cLOUDDEAD etc). He'll be doing a Cabs post next, the blood-sucker!

Well, I feel perfectly entitled to draw inspiration from one of his previous posts by taking another look at the wonderful world of Steve Stein aka Steinski.

One of the nice things about deliberately 'resting' one's own blog is that it gives me a chance to muck around doing other things, like finally transferring a few more vinyl nuggets into MP3 format. Ever since Loki linked to that version of Steinski's "The Motorcade Sped On", I've been meaning to post another version of it, which comes from an old NME 7inch from 1987. This is the version I'm most familiar with and I think it's a better, tighter arrangement that really displays the brilliance of the concept to full-effect. It's almost like a pop-song structure, with the sirens and "Mrs Kennedy Jumped Up, she called 'Oh No'" section acting as a chorus. I think it's one of the finest examples of the early Hip Hop cut'n'paste montage approach ever. And it still gives me goose-bumps every time I listen to it.

Steinksi & Mass Media featuring D.J.E.T. - The Motorcade Sped On

Then of course, no Steinski post is complete without his most famous tune, "We'll Be Right Back", released on Fourth And Broadway and reaching a semi-respectable #63 in the UK charts back in January 1987. A superb collage of TV commercial sound-bites that acts as an eloquent statement on the mind-numbing overkill of modern-day consumerism that we're force-fed on an hourly basis. True, the world of TV advertising is a slightly more subtle one now (in the UK at least) but the message still hits on a few home-truths: they're still selling us more useless crap that we don't need, getting us to buy into a lifestyle in an endless cycle of bullshit, and the only ones who benefit in the long-run are the credit card companies. We don't need all these choices. Western/capitalist society is a bit disgusting, don't you think?

Steinski & Mass Media - We'll Be Right Back (Re-Edit)

This track comes from the remix 12 inch and also features an 'acappela' with just a selection of samples from the main track. Now, I bet there's plenty of amateur remixers and producers out there, so how about some of you try doing a new version using some of these bits of dialogue? You can e-mail your mix to me (keep it down to three or four minutes) and I'll post your efforts here at a later date. The best one will get a prize (the judges decision will be final). Good luck!

Steinski & Mass Media - We'll Be Right Back (Acappella bonus voices)

If I get one single response to this idea, I will be amazed....


Anonymous said...

You are FANTASTIC! I have been searching for this Steinski for years!! Totally agree with you - brilliant montage!

mark zip said...

Nice post, been a while since I dug that one out. Thanks!

Attention: trainspotting alert!!

Any brief history of Steinski ought to make mention of one the all time great hip hop fetish objects:
Double Dee & Steinski
Tommy Boy TB 867
12" single promo
Side A: "Lesson 3" (History of Hip Hop mix)
Side B: Track 1: "The Payoff Mix" (Mastermix of G.L.O.B.E. and Whiz Kid's" "Play That Beat Mr. D.J.")
Track 2: "Lesson Two" (James Brown)

End trainspotting

mark e said...

damn. steinksi is da man.

this 7" that NME gave away literally changed my life, this track along with Kisspower by Age of Chance (Oct86) completely spun my little head into the whole cut-n-paste groove.

fantastic stuff.

hope you have all picked up Steinski's mix of Sugarhill classics that came out recently ..

the man still got it.

onwards !
mark e

GTTRBRKZ said...

Mark said:
Any brief history of Steinski ought to make mention of one the all time great hip hop fetish objects:
Double Dee & Steinski
Tommy Boy TB 867
12" single promo

This was covered in Loki's original Steinski post. Respect to the 'prancing fop' 'n' all that...

Florent said...

actually concerning the 12" with the three lessons it's a very well done bootleg. Apparently japanese.
The 3 lessons have never been released "officially".

Anonymous said...

hey just stumbled accross this lookin on more stuff about steinski, ive just become interested acctually as ive just met him, my father lives accross the street from him so he decided to introduce us. He's a nice and cool guy, showed me around his studio in his basement, his computer where its all made :) he niceley gave me two of his albums, the sugerhill mix and nothing to fear, he also gave me a cd which is basicly an archive of some of his earlier stuff including the 3 lessons and the motorcade sped on. My father collects old phonographs from the 1920's and can acctually record in the same way they did back then, this interested steve/steinski alot. My father let him use his recording machine and decided to record a sample of his voice, which he hopes to use to open a future piece. well that was my meeting with steinski :)

DJ Prince said...

where can I download those mp3s of steinskis? I have been looking for this acapella for years...

kind regards

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