18 November 2004

The Six Faces of Loki

Is it logically possible for an entity to infer its' own non-existence? Is this some kind of post-modern perversion of Descartes' Cogito?

If so, then I think Kek-W has hit the nail on the head.....

We don't exist.....me........Kid Shirt.....Gutterbreakz.....all those contributors on the sidebar - mere manifestations of Loki's dissociative identity disorder.

Call us ghosts. Call us chocky mates. Call us a cry for help.....we are nothing but the psychic avatars of one tormented west country individual.

It all fits. Witness Gutterbreakz's forensic analysis of the London grime 'scene', his attention to detail, his frustration at not being able to encapsulate an entire musical genre into one single post. Surely a reflection of Loki's need for control and fundamental conflict with his parents over his potty training?

Think hard about this - have you ever heard anyone in the real world mention 'Grime' ? - not the blogosphere - the real world. Could Loki's manic ramblings extend to the construction of an entire musical genre?

Are Psychbloke's childish preoccupations with comic books and daubing upon the wall with crayons merely symptomatic of a vast infantile regression upon Loki's part?

Then there's Kid Shirt - look at the paranoia, the messianic qualities, the irrational aggression, the paranoid fantasies, the racial delusions - all in one post.

Then there's the ubiquitous but silent figure of Father (sorry...Farmer) Glitch - his brooding authority constantly in view on the sidelines.....never saying anything.....merely....watching....

What then of Kempernorton ? .........Surely a manifestation of a secret trauma so dark it can only be approached indirectly - for example through an interview with oneself (in which the questions have been lost). Will we ever uncover the true horror of the aspect of Loki's personality that is represented by this dark and shadowy figure?

The identities are almost entirely dissociated, but there is some vague overlap on the vast and deranged venn diagram that is Loki's psyche. Gutterbreakz and Psychbloke have both been placed in more urban settings - an expression of Loki's rural isolation? Kek and Loki went to the same parties in Yeovil in the 80's because they are the same person.....

It all makes sense. We are a vast and manic confabulation, a fractured narrative, the lone rantings of one tortured individual genius.

What will happen at the Fall gig in November when several of Loki's fragmented identities are due to meet in one room ? Will there be a rift in the space-time continuum? (This is what normally happens in Dr Who after all....)

And what on earth will happen when broadband reaches North Petherton?

(I liked it all much better when we were in The Defenders)


GTTRBRKZ said...

Then of course there's the seventh personality, a surpressed female entity as yet hidden from view...though she will grow stonger - probably through a portal in Psychbloke's vulnerable psyche, as he's already expressed a yearning:

"(But where are the girls? Who gets to be Valkyrie - my favourite blond, tin breastplate wearing, viking uberbabe? "

Loki said...

Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum...

But I might not be...

farmer glitch said...

ahh haah ahhh ... broadband has hit South Petherton this week - seems us doon-sarf ave orl da fun !!

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