15 November 2004

Jhonn Balance


Jhonn Balance of Coil has died. I can't begin to say how saddened I am by this. First Peel, now this. I've never been affected by a 'pop star' death before but Balance's music practically defined the greater part of my teenage musical life and it's left me struck dumb. I'd always assumed that his appearance on TOTPs and Popzone was just one single away...

My condolences go out to all those who knew and loved him; rest assured he left this plane with the knowledge that, in his wake, things have changed.

Don't rest in peace, Jhonn; get those ElpH spirits rising...

It goes without saying that the planned Jhonn Balance innerview, the questions sent just a few days ago, will continue in spirit if not in body.

It's gonna take a shitload of mushrooms to contact the old guy now...

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