20 October 2004


Bjork looked like she thought this guy was spinning her a line.

"I think you have tiny bears playing around the side of your head" she said, screwing her eyes and attempting to remove a dress the size of three yurts.

The translator strained, looked at EY and shrugged. "It doesn't really translate. Think 'Kangaroos loose in top paddock' It's the nearest you'll get."

"It's really quite simple," EY insisted, removing a fleck of Egyptian Mummy from his topcoat. "It's like a wormhole in space-time, only there's no hole. All the tests have proved very convincing. At least to the kinds of people who aren't easily convinced."

Bjork listened carefully. "A time machine?"

"A time machine" said EY. A smile from three days ago appeared at the corners of his mouth.

Bjork let the dress fall. "And don't tell me: there's little people at the bottom of the garden wondering if humans are real."

"Just sit here, close your eyes and hold on tight,' said the guy. "This'll all be over in a matter of aeons."

Bjork took one glance at the translator, another at the small lizards creeping out the back of the sofa and stepped into the machine.


Bjork opened her eyes. Five people stared in at her. They were holding tightly onto ancient instruments. They seemed to know her.

"You look better than everyone expected," one of them said.

Bjork smiled and Kukl was born.


Kukl - assassin


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Anonymous said...

hey! Good call with the KUKL track - it's been an age since I heard anything from that album.

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