17 September 2004

Sudden Infant


So far, I've only heard one track by Sudden Infant, the premier Swiss industrial improv (i hate that word, i hate it, i hate it), power electronic noise artists and it was noisy, silly and not a little like a bus full of retards going to the carnival and getting electrocuted because they went wire skipping without drying their hands.

It's mental the way someone pouring yoghurt over their head and claiming their hair's melting is mental.

It's not big, it's certainly not clever but it is somehow alluring in a 'watching an under sevens headbutting competition' kind of way and as you delve a little deeper into their history you start to see a thick seam of skewed fun and frolics that, similar to Satanicpornocultshop in their genre, seem oblivious to the more po-faced noise terrorism that mostly missed the fun and postmodern pop spins of Throbbing Gristle and went for the SPK / Whitehouse angle grinders instead.

Go here and download some Sudden Infant tracks

Go on, it's Friday; loosen up a little and have some fun.

I'm off to London for the weekend so I probably won't be back posting until Monday. By then I'll be off all these comedy geezers and back onto some serious chin-strokes and heavy trousers. Until then...

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