16 September 2004



If you like the idea of bands covering cover songs they did themselves, of having imagining beginning and lots of false break-ups and artistic differences (one lot wanted to play straight punk rock, the other lot wanted to play straight punk rock as well; the split was inevitable) or you've just learned to like Kid 606 so well that you're even contemplating buying some of his stuff (i bought a couple of KId 606 releases and I think about them the same way that Alan Partridge does tungsten tip screws: 'Never gonna use them')then maybe you'll like Satanpornocultshop: the soupy glitched up Japanese sampledelicattesens, who find solace in the friendly fucking-up of classic pop like Kylie and old war horses like The Velvet Underground with covers that are simultaneously affectionate and symbol-shattering, like a more tuneful John Oswald (i.e. one with some friends around to play)

Their latest album Anorexia Gas Balloon features covers of songs by King Missile, Kylie's 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' and Duran Duran (sort of) alongside several of their own home-cooked mentalism. Nothing here will blow you away but they seem to specialise in a likeable enthusiasm and naivety that seems somehow against the grain of the more serious rhizome-fixated Western glitch counterparts who tell some of the same jokes but forget the punchlines mid-way through and occasionally mistake a misfunctioning CD as a way of attaining some elemental cyborg otherness.

These guys sound like they're having squelchy fun in the backroom recording studio of a Government funded Youth Club.

The track today features the Satanics in warm remix mode:

Satanporncultshop remix Baiyon's SAJ Punk 777

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