25 September 2004

The Prima Donnas


Kid Shirt is making me increasingly uneasy re: his ability to document what seems like my entire life 20 or so years ago. I talk about a party that kinda exploded, he finds a cutting from the time; I mention Kickstate an obscure Yeovil synth-pop band, he posts one of their sleeves and a flyer.

And the weird thing is; I was pretty sure I'd made all those things up. Strange feeling having your own imagination verified and documented. I guess if I mention one of the few Eddson club-nights at the Studios he'll know exactly what I mean and I'm sure I've made that up...

Many thanks, incidentally, for all the kind words that are coming in in the comments boxes and e-mail, especially Gutterbreakz and Spoilt Victorian Child who are both doing wonderful things.

Anyway, somewhere along the line thinking of Kickstate made me think of The Prima Donnas, arch / possibly ironic / possibly British (they're American) synth-pop-punk revivalists who sound somewhere between 80s bands like The Units mixed in with aspects of Kylie (circa Can't Get You Out of My Head) and take their look from Lou Reed and Suicide

Their music is not big and it's not clever but if you want to fling your arms around like a robot then maybe this will do the trick:

The Prima Donnas - Freaky Zone

The Prima Donnas - Nance Music Manifesto

The Prima Donnas - Yr So Cool


Psychbloke said...

I 'spect you've seen this over on Spoilt Victorian


edgy said...

The Prima Donnas were from Austin, Texas (where I live - and not "from Sussex, UK" as they always claimed!), and they were about the most fun I've ever had in a club. Saw 'em many times and loved 'em and miss 'em very much.

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