26 September 2004



There's so much stupid Cthulhu stuff around it must be real.

There's people who have worked on the links between the Mythos and Scooby Doo, people rewriting Kenny Loggins songs to inlcude a synthesis of Winnie the Pooh and Cthulhu - just go to The House at Cthulhu Corner to see just one of the many reasons why you ought to be scared.

In response, I thought I'd post a few tracks by Cthulhu inspired obscurities, if only to let these guys out in the air for a little while; they must be a litle pale and musty by now:

Nyarlothotep - Continuity

Cthulhu Is Sex - Carnival

There's also a musical called A Shoggoth on the Roof:

Byakhee Byakhee

Not to be outdone, this guy has done a Cthulhu song based on the tune to Abba's Fernando:

Do You Hear the Pipes, Cthulhu?

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