13 September 2004

Black Antlers / David Axelrod

Coil's Black Antlers arrived today and it's surprisingly good, though pretty obviously a work-in-progress kind of thing. Haven't really had time to listen yet but it's well recorded and an interesting artefact, though it gets a bit 'tinkly' at times with bits reminding me of the Nurse With Wound Live at Bar Maldoror album and has little of the momentum or dream-machine flicker of some of their best stuff. I'm hoping it's a grower.

The mp3 today is by 'legendary' composer David Axelrod who's seems to be mentioned as an influence of the likes of DJ Shadow and the Mo Wax lot. His music ranges from smoothed out spy-jazz concoctions to more frazzled quasi-hip hop soundtracking and psyched-out William Blake theme albums. He's been around since the 50s as a producer extraordinaire (he was the, er, mastermind behind The Electric Prunes Mass in F minor) amongst others and he's still producing stuff now.

I reckon he's a little overrated and there's better people out there doing this kind of thing but most of his stuff is worth a listen and in the right kind of mood and in the right kind of light this stuff could take you to some interesting places.

This track could be incidental music for the original Charlie's Angels (just imagine Jacklyn Smith taking a motorbike helmet off and running down some sports jacketed "Mister Six' lookalike'), though it's probably better than that sounds, if not by much.
David Axelrod - Big B Plus

Finally, Gutterbreakz have turned into an MP3 blog with a vast array of tracks, available to download (well, one: a great oddity by Sweet Exorcist who practically invented the lumpy bumpy clonky glitch-music we all know and love). Expect good things. Now if only Kid Shirt and Psychbloke would start posting we'd be a West Country MP3 blogging, er, Massive...

In fact, I guess i could invite them to be included on here though my control-freak alter-ego might not be able to take it.

I can feel it burning even as we speak...


Anonymous said...

Yo, man. Post a 'Black Antlers' track! Pretty please! With sugar on top?

Psychbloke said...

Caroline says I can come round to play on your blog whenever I'm invited, as long as that foul-mouthed shirt kid isn't there....
(Is he the Kurt of the blogging world?)

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