08 August 2004

Which Bjork Song are You?

All Is Fill Of Love

Which Bjork song are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

If you want to find out which Bjork song you are (i can't for the life of me think why but I like to maintain a non-judgemental position on these kind of things) then go here and fill in the faintly ridiculous and grammatically indifferent questionnaire.

It took me 4 goes to get All is Full of Love.

And if you've been recently incapacitated in some kinda awful neurological trauma and haven't listened to the leakage from Bjork's new Meredith Monkey Magic Album 'Medulla'then go here as quickly as you can because I reckon they won't be up for long.

This link came via sixeyes - which currently has up some decent psych-folk (including Joanna Newsom, which I've posted before and is well worth a go)

Oh and there's another Bjork newbie here called Desired Constellation

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