08 August 2004

Jeff Buckley

Jeff seems to get loads of tributes on the net, mostly I guess because he died. I've never been sure about him myself. I think he might be good but something at the back of my mind keeps nagging at me like a leper with a bowl saying: he's just, well, okay; if he'd lived he'd have attempted a crappy drum n bass / grime album , gone back to basics with an acoustic set of Italian Madrigals and ended up guesting on Sonic Youth's 100th album of Grateful Dead covers.

Or maybe he already has.

On the other hand, if you're not moved in some way by 'Hallelujah' then perhaps it's time to give up and go feed yourself to the pigs. They generally start with the fingers so don't bother taking a piano.


New Years Prayer

Last Goodbye

Satisfied Mind

See what you think.


hillary said...

Yeah, but it's not like he wrote "Hallelujah" or nothin'.

Alexander said...

hi loki.
thanks for linking to my blog. i really enjoy yours. phantastic music and some hilarious writing. there was something about jeff buckley but i must admit that i often found him too much, too over the top, too scott walker-like. but hallelujah is absolutely stunning in its emotional intensity.

Jason said...

Buckley has definate vocal chops and wrote some great songs, would he be so important if he wasn't dead? I suppose you can say the same about any dead artist. The stuff he left behind was earnest, soulful, playful and generally well done and you can't really ask for more from a singer/songwriter.

I reckon if still alive today he would be on par with say Rufus Wrainright another young crooner who has a famous father.

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