22 July 2004

Will Oldham / Sigur Ros


Will Oldham doesn't always have the best quality control in the world but when he's good, he's very very good. And when he's bad he sounds like a Will Oldham out-take.


This track:

Palace Music - Viva Ultra

is from my second favourite Will Oldham / Bonnie Prince Billie / Palace album Viva Last Blues

also will oldham related is Anomoanon - Ballad of things known

While I'm in this plaintive mood why I thought I'd also post the Kings of Plaintivity (?) Sigur Ros whose Nothing Song does (almost) exactly what it says on the box.

Sigur Ros - Nothing Song which featured on the Vanilla Sky soundtrack album...

The film's okay as well despite it often getting a right bitching from the press and a so so (maybe another so as well) ending. If it was in Spanish or something I'm sure it would be rightly regarded in the same vein as Intacto or...



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