21 July 2004

Not The Double Leopards

I wanted to post a Double Leopards track today but I couldn't find any on the net and so I thought I'd post some of the interesting things I found while googling away.

None of them sound anything like The Double Lepoards.

Abigail Grush sounds like Ivor Cutler if he'd done a Walter Carlos (or a Nadia if you prefer), gorged herself on cocaine and cupcakes, married the drummer out of Erase Errata, listened compulsively to Ute Lemper and Captain Beefheart LPs that had been out in the sun for too long and then decided to write a book about shelling peas.

Yeah; I think that's nailed it.

If it wasn't You

The boy next door

Pachuco Cadaver sound like Eugene Chadborne playing Zappa/ Beefheart with the kind of See-ya-wouldn't-wanna-be-ya reverence which simultaneously massages the ego and sends it straight to hell.

With banjos.

Hot rats

The Weisstronauts sound like Dick Dale or Link Wray or the Surfaris if they'd been mown down in an unfortunate gardening accident, re-animated, forced to listen to the soundtrack to old Bugs Bunny movies on continuous loop and then made to eat Bran Flakes.



Twistin' in the Living room

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